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ShalomLearning. Your partner in Jewish education.


ShalomLearning is a non-profit educational organization creating the most relevant, fun and engaging Jewish education possible, delivered to anyone, anywhere, any time.   Our mission is to educate, while building camp-like communities of students across the globe, and encouraging a love of Jewish learning for a lifetime.


ShalomLearning Educational Programs

ShalomLearning is a blended program of technology and a compelling, values based Jewish curriculum.

This program is currently being offered to more than 300 students in partner synagogues across North America.  In addition, our online only program has students participating in live sessions from their homes around the world.

Find out more how you can enroll your child in ShalomLearning Online or implement the ShalomLearning program at your synagogue.


ShalomLearning Services

ShalomLearning Services is the expansion of our educational expertise to meet the growing requests from Jewish organizations across the globe to

·      assist in the appropriate selection and implementation of technology,

·      effectively curate content, and

·      develop state-of-the-art training and professional education programs for teachers and program facilitators.  

Our staff of educators and instructional designers have the necessary knowledge, skills and expertise to design and implement affordable, scalable, high quality programs with learning outcomes enhanced by the smart use of technology.  

Please contact us to discuss ways we can work together to engage all ages in a lifelong relationship with the Jewish community.


ShalomLearning is a non-profit organization fiscally sponsored by Jewish Jumpstart.