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For Synagogues For Families

ShalomLearning. Your partner in Jewish education.


ShalomLearning is a new model for bringing pluralistic Jewish education into the 21st century. We partner with synagogues, Day Schools, and directly with unaffiliated families. The program uses a blended learning model based on 3 elements:

1.  A compelling values-based curriculum that bridges students’ secular and religious lives with relevant lessons that strengthen Jewish knowledge and literacy. It is no longer about what you know (since you can just Google that), but how what you learn impacts your interactions with the world around you.

2.  Robust technology provides virtual classrooms and a secure web portal, allowing for learning anywhere - in person, online and at home.

3.  Teacher Training focuses on ShalomLearning’s curriculum and teaching framework, which takes advantage of children’s natural love of learning.


For Synagogues and Day Schools 

We partner with you to help you forge stronger connections with the busy families in your community. We will train your teachers to help you reach more young people than ever before with innovative, engaging and affordable tools.

For Families

Don’t have access to a religious school? Are you deployed in the military without a local synagogue?  ShalomLearning can help. With engaging and fun lessons, our teachers will build understanding, encourage family conversations and build a lifelong love of Judaism.

ShalomLearning continues to expand our offering and partnerships.  Please contact us to discuss ways we can work together to engage all ages in a lifelong relationship with the Jewish community.

ShalomLearning is a non-profit organization fiscally sponsored by Jewish Jumpstart.